Listen to me

Listen to me.
I know you’ve had it rough but
put a smile on your face because
no storm lasts forever. Everything will
turn for the best, you’ll discover a world
of opportunities and you just have to reach high.

Listen to me.
It’s too early to give up the fight. When you reach
the top you’ll enjoy the view and appreciate the
struggle but you won’t be standing still. You’ll
find another mountain to climb because you’ll be
a warrior. You will be in love with the game.

Listen to me.
What has passed has passed. Don’t shed a tear
over something you can’t make right. Even when
everything falls apart just clean up the mess and
build new foundations to become better every day.

Listen to me.
When you think it’s too late and the ticking
clock becomes too loud just bang it against that
wall and give yourself time to get back on your feet.
Don’t get scared now, don’t get paralyzed.

Listen to me.
My words are all I can give to you and maybe
they aren’t much. I don’t even know you but
believe me when I say that there are great things
coming your way. Just work for them.

P.S. So this is what happened. My FB page was deleted for some reason and I had 2000 fans. I’m trying to get back on my feet so could you help me a little with pressing like.

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