The small difference

The one who doesn’t say what he thinks
but what he thinks you want to hear is
a boy trying to get laid and not a man.
Don’t fall into his trap.


Link to the article  BAD FEMALE, GO TO YOUR ROOM (and escape through the damn window):

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3 thoughts on “The small difference

  1. Mmm… there’s nothing wrong in getting laid imho. However, like you said, trying to make up stories ONLY for that purpose is definitely wrong. What’s the point in tasting different bodies without being intimate with their souls? Probably only to satisfy the animal desires, nothing less, nothing more. But love rarely happens, hence people resort to various (wrong) tactics only to get laid. And believe you me, its not just limited to men, women also get laid. (Amir takes his blankie and pulls it further up his face… feeling scared). 🙂


    1. I agree, everything you said is true. I just think we should always know the difference so that we could keep our expectations according to the situation. Many people get fooled by lies and get heartbroken because they set their expectations way too high.

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      1. How strange is it that despite being fooled is such a common knowledge but still…people succeed in fooling and the wisest still get tricked by fake love… What for? Only to get laid and get away forever i.e basically nothing. A sheer waste of time, emotions and totally unnecessary pains.

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