Poem #32

I was in a hurry, pacing through the crowd
when I came to a crosswalk and the stripes
on the street weren’t white enough. I decided
to just keep walking and cross the road elsewhere.

I was strolling down my favorite park but
I didn’t stop to smell the flowers. The roses
seemed to be lacking the warmth of that
blood red color, as if they were dying out.

The sun on the beach didn’t make my skin
enough tanned and the sea was so cold
it made my lips turn blue. Not enough,
nothing was enough. Everything lacked
a certain touch. I was scared to admit
I lacked a certain touch.

There’s so much love still inside of me and the
only thing I don’t have enough of is you. Where
am I supposed to go with this fire? I’m scared
I might burn the whole damn world.

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9 replies on “Poem #32”

This fire and passion (of love) that she describes so vividly, don’t we all carry it to some extent. Its sad to see that potential go wasted either in blank space or totally on wrong people. That’s the reason some people simply keep on loving themselves until the day they die or keep searching for “The One” with whom their spirit feels complete. I think its the search and the showering of one’s own passion at themselves that keeps the fire (of love) burning. Beautifully expressed Luna.

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