Poem #35

You really saw me in a different way.
I was a book to you, you kept me on the
nightstand and occasionally held me in your
arms and ran your eyes all over my pages.
I was an empty canvas to you and when you
didn’t have your hands full with everything else
you would take time to paint a picture of me.

Here’s some news for you. I’m not a hobby you
can pick up when you want to. I’m not your
part time occupation, I’m a full time job.
If you don’t have the dedication to handle it
step aside. I deserve more than crumbs of time
that fall off your very busy table.
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Well written.. powerful. 👌👌💯
Btw.. does linking the social media accounts help? I have linked them so many times.. but response have been really negative 🤣
Though I would surely follow back on insta but you have to follow first..some bug issues in my app @shreylockholmes

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