From Knives juggler

I made my stitches and they are rough
just like my tongue from all the curses
said at the wind because I wasn’t strong enough
to tell them to people’s faces.

And I wasn’t supposed to tell them.
I was supposed to take the knives they stabbed
in my back and throw them right back.

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17 thoughts on “Quote

  1. And I would say add some more from your side too.

    Good one.

    1. Great idea 😉

      1. You are welcome.

  2. precise and piercing

  3. Hi I decided to comment my question on here. I can’t show you the screenshots, but I worry about someone who I’ve seen comment on your blog. I may be just reading into it to much, but his blog name is just Amir, and he sent me a message asking to communicate with me, or meet up in person, which is odd, after only just discovering my writing on top of just immediately telling someone you want to meet up with them. On top of that, he asked on a comment if I could send him a picture (though he claimed it was for a poetry review). He gave me the option to remain annonymous, so I politely declined his offer to be reviewed using my name and my picture. However, the contact stating he wants to meet up put me on edge and I was wondering if he has done similar for you, and I fear for others he may have asked. I checked out his blog and he has gotten many people to send in pictures to have their poetry reviewed in which he does genuine reviews, I just thought the rest was a bit unusual. I’m just letting you know, and wondering what I should do, if anything, about this? I didn’t want to comment on your recent posts in case he managed to see it. Of course, I will not initiate any further contact with him. Thanks

    1. He commented and reblogged a few of my posts but he never contacted me directly about a meeting or any kind of review. If you feel unsetled about anything I believe the best approach is the protection internet gives us – block him. I always go with my gut feeling on everything and I advise you do the same.
      I am totally against sending pictures to anyone online who I do not know so I think you did the right thing by declining his offer.

      1. I’m not really worried about myself, I’m worried about others he’s more than likely asking/saying the same things too. He’s gotten a lot of people to send in pictures for these poetry reviews and it concerns me with how many he might have attempted genuine contact with. Or how many he plans to.

      2. Well I haven’t had a bad experience with the mentioned blogger so I’m not the one to talk but if you believe that what he’s doing is not right or feel you need to warn other bloggers write a post about it.

      3. But then he could report me to wordpress since in all technicality he did nothing wrong

      4. There is also no way to block someone on wordpress

      5. Seriously, there isn’t? I didn’t know that.

      6. I guess we’ll just see if a further problem arises, I just worry he might be baiting people.

      7. I honestly hope he isn’t but if he is, sooner or later someone will report him

      8. Well, you can only report his posts, not his account. His posts don’t violate any rules technically.

      9. Well, then I only hope that if he’s doing something wrong people will see through it and protect themselves.

      10. Me too, honestly

  4. And also, if he is doing something wrong the word will spread. Like you reached out to me someone else will reach to someone else and so on. Trust that karma does her business

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