Poem #48

Desperation reeks out of you.
It’s in the smell of the perfume you’ve
put too much of. It’s in every inch of
skin you left uncovered for those
entitled little boys to see. This is not
the way to find love. That little black
dress will only get tears in your eyes
and scars on your heart. He is not there
but there are songs you jump and
scream your heart out to. There are
songs that make you light a cigarette
even though you said you’ll never do it

Your body is moving to the light, your
young hips are one with the sound
Their eyes are all over you, your black
dress is making them wish you were
theirs. They might get you for a
moment, know what it feels like to
hold your body and steal a kiss but
you will never be theirs. Your heart
was stolen a long time ago and because
of his mistake you believe a touch
and a kiss are all you have to give.

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