Poem #66

All of those scared little girls are
turning into strong, fearless, fierce
women taking control over their lives
and how does the world respond.
They call us bitches.

They are the scared boys who need a woman
afraid of them to feel like men. They are the
women who are scared to step into everything
they can absolutely be. They are the society filled
with prejudice and intoxicated by inequality.

They call us that because we no longer
live under the fist of a male world,
because we covered the world in glass
when we broke the fucking ceiling,
because we no longer hide our intelligence
nor do we keep our mouth shut.
We are just getting louder, smarter,
stronger and more connected.

If that means being a bitch, don’t worry
the word doesn’t insult us. We are claiming
it, we are taking it as a compliment.

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13 thoughts on “Poem #66

  1. Brilliant writing!You are very much in tune of the appropriate change that is taking place. Females aren’t giving themselves (heart,mind, or body) as easily anymore.
    Your poetry is strong, followed by tancity within Your poetic voice!🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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