Poem #68

Wouldn’t I refuse to breathe if
I refused to write?
Wouldn’t they stop my heart if they
took my pen away?
Aren’t they making fun of me by laughing
at the verses I so impulsively write?
What would I be without this little gift
and curse of never ending flow of words?

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8 thoughts on “Poem #68

  1. Please keep breathing and keep writing!

  2. Oh, I love this

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, I am so glad you liked it ❤

  3. I could never imagine anyone laughing at your verses. Words and feelings so real and genuine. Then, on second thought, those are the things that sad, empty people laugh at because their lives are so empty and meaningless because they can’t endure the real and genuine. As for me, there would be a little empty place in my life without your words, feelings and verses each day. Not that I am insisting that you write. I would never place such pressure upon any person. That is the beauty of your words, they are expressed because you want to release them to us and allow us to enjoy the beauty of who you are. The treasure of your heart revealed. Your true wealth given freely and, in return, our wealth is yours for you to be filled. The true beauty of love, expression and the giving and receiving that is the human heart.

    1. I honestly believe people laugh at things they can’t completely understand and therefore think that they must be wrong and worthy of mocking. Thank you so, so much for leaving this beautiful comment. This blog and all of the people engaging daily has really made a positive difference in my life and made me so much happier, stronger and more confident. It’s like my personal little space where I can share and speak up without feeling any type of pressure or fear.
      Thank you so much again for putting a smile on my face with your kind words and keep up the good work, I love reading your blog! <3

      1. Just a small disagreement of the words “understand” and “endure.” Based on the perspective offered through current events in which people express mockery through violence and others who incite such mockery though words expressed. These people understand what they are doing. They simply can’t endure the beauty expressed by the human heart through belief and the whole of being human. They mock the very essence of the human heart. They live to oppress the life within the human spirit, reducing their expression to mockery that leads to death of those who are real, alive and expressing the beauty of who they are. They fully understand what they are doing. They simply can’t endure the real and genuine expression of the human heart.

      2. This is so well expressed. You know your way around words. Most of the time, I just don’t let what anyone says touch me, but sometimes it’s hard to do it but I know one thing for sure – no evil comment is making me abandon what I love.

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