Poem #69

I had my heart broken once and I’ve been
breaking them ever since. A little retaliation
for a man’s sin. Couldn’t get back at him so I
turned against his kind. Who are you to call
me a monster if in my shoes you never walked
a mile?

Is this what I wanted? It never was and never
will be but circumstances are the mother of
unfortunate consequences. He ripped my chest
opened, thought my heart was a toy. Now I just
preach what he taught.

When I told him he created so much anger inside
me I had to kill him or take my anger out on every
man to come after him, he said to go for it. If any of my
exes want revenge for what I’ve done to them, just send
a message and you’ll get the bastards’ name and address.

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21 thoughts on “Poem #69

  1. Luna, dearest, after reading poem #69 ….think you might need something to cheer you up so I’d suggest my latest post on the inkwell….dancing on the moon. Just a little something to remind you not all males are total b*st*rds….

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  2. Clenched fists thrown through unexpected hearts.
    Break them before they break another.
    It wasn’t rage but a deep revenge that was craved.

    I can imagine your poem being spoken in a perfectly cold way as a type of confession.
    “Yeah, I did it. And I’ll do it again.”
    Wonderfully said 🙂

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  3. Is it possible to have your heart broken? It is doubtful. No one is capable of such and action on another.
    As no one makes choices on another’s behalf, a broken heart must be self inflicted.
    This is about heartbreaking relationships it is true, however it is probably more about a sense of self which is now conscious of a misjudged sincerity. This piece is so good it has elicited my response. Good work. Chris T.

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    1. Actually I heard a TED talk about heartbreak and how having your heart broken, or better said losing someone you loved, triggers the same part of your brain as if you were in cocaine withdrawal phase. We can call it what we want but loving and losing leaves a scar. It doesn’t have to be a love relationship – it can be a broken friendship or the death of someone you loved. And if I’m correct even in medicine there is a thing called broken heart syndrome which is actually triggered by a high stress level from losing someone you loved. I think love and heartbreak are something like good and bad. They are two sides of the same medal and they don’t exist one without the other.

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      1. The emotional investment is crucial but also the other person does inflict a lot of pain if they lie, hide their true intentions, go out of their way to hurt someone. Regarding revenge, I think it’s very toxic for people because it’s the outcome of our inability to forgive people who have wronged us. I don’t judge people who get revenge because we’ve all done it, we all have a dark side and writing is here to shed some light on every side of our personalities, the good and the bad.

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  4. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    What a coincidence that by the time your blog poems reached sexy number 69, you expressed what most of the women go through but hate to admit. Actually, same applies onto men. Some woman must have broken their hearts too to turn them into these liars, hideous and cheating individuals. Even though its unfortunate but I will always prefer a woman who bares open her wounds (in the beginning) than a hideous one who keeps them from me until the last minute.

    Its sad to see people entering into new relationships, prepared to face the worst already. Hence whatever that new relationship deserves (i.e trust, honeymoon period, growing together), never happens and things ends prematurely between two perfectly alright individuals.


  5. I really like your poem….your real inner feeling….your pain. I can sense deep down you don’t believe in “Tit for tat” and hence this poem. You’ve already the answer of the deeper reality and you also know that doing so to others is not going to heal you…it would “patch” you a bit though. A great poem indeed as it’s so easy to relate to it 😊

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