Poem #73

On that cold winter night her breath
resembled smoke coming out of her
mouth and it got you to a new level of
feeling because it reminded you of the
night she smoked a cigarette after
burning up between your fingers.

It was all experienced before but it all
felt so new. Like a boy you fell under
the spell of her deep blue eyes. In a
single breath, a glance, a smile you
realized you’ve loved her all this time.

You offered her a cigarette and she
told you she had quit and that’s when
the truth hit. Those nights you claimed
her yours were long gone. Those lips
you’d bite in between kisses were
now completely off limits.

And you wanted to ask her to come
over to your place for coffee and you
wanted to give her a hug and you
wanted to ask how she’s been doing
but you were scared she’ll tell you
there’s some other guy.

So you just stood there mesmerized
and got the answer to the question you
didn’t even knew you wanted to ask.
That beauty walking in the night was
the best thing you ever had. One more
night with her would mean kissing
happiness goodbye because she
would disappear before dawn.

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