Poem #74

It’s all the same. The faces,
the situations but there’s something
different. Deep inside something
shifted, changed form and it’s
begging to burst out in flames.

Her body moves in the same way,
but her mouth speaks a different
truth. Her smile is still the same but
her eyes are telling a story of change.
A story about running away, finding
meaning, finding purpose, breaking

She is still in the same place but her
mind became a little runaway and she
doesn’t know how to follow it.

19 thoughts on “Poem #74

      1. Thanks, am doing ok, I know I have not posted any of my work, just mentioning it all at moment, but I will get there at some point


      2. Of course I have done “ordinary” poems, but I find the fantasy of Zeensimor easier to create and that is why I perhaps have more words for this genre than I do with factual

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      3. I am not really informed about this genre, but I think it’s important to find your own style, something that feels good for you. I hope you start posting soon, I would love to read some of your work 😁


      4. I do not know if it is fictional or fantasy I am best at, but I try. With “ordinary” I mean as in day to day stuff, like I have poems on having pets, christmas, going to the beach, things like that, probably comes under factual, I do not know. I will do. I briefly mention things in all the blogs though

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      5. I put “categories & tags” on all the posts to get them out there, but not many see them, it’s been hard finding my audience thus far


      6. I have posted a few of them, you’ll notice my “breaking a poem up” isn’t great, I’ll admit it’s not my strength (as of yet)

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