Poem #75

There is something so bitter sweet
in the feeling autumn brings.
You see the trees giving away their
soul, being naked for the wind to
touch them but yet they leave the
ground so colorful for us to walk on.

The rain lingers with a certain smell
in the air and makes us feel as if it
will wash away our sins. The sky is
crying for us to close our umbrellas
and let nature walk us into a new
stage, a new colorful path.

5 replies on “Poem #75”

Fantastic thoughts many can relate to, appreciate and not to minimize or be offensive
I’ve extended where my thoughts were inspired to go by your words.
.… and yet,
at times it all seems a bit more personal.
As if she is sending a message just to me.
That it’s time, time to let go of what I ought
not be holding on to. Time to prepare for
newer things- life. She would’ve wanted it
that way I’m sure, after all she was a nature
of harmonious love and my greatest gift.

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