Poem #80

Turn your rage into a wrecking
ball and tear down the walls you
built around his memory.
See him for who he really was but
don’t waste to much time on that
because he doesn’t deserve it.

See yourself for who you really are.
See how amazing and powerful you
are and give yourself the treatment
your beautiful soul deserves after
being tortured for so long.

5 thoughts on “Poem #80

  1. I really like this one, which sparks me this:
    They claim there are five stages of grief, what they don’t tell you is, often they’re emotional hellish torrents withing other torrents of each other. Once in while one breaks free and your world slows a bit, giving you the false feeling its over only to slip within another, but your best chance of survival, time- hold-on to any fragment of sanity, grit your teeth until it dissipates and leave you abandoned, forever changed and scarred, flat on your face along the shore of acceptance…worn out.
    Looking forward to your next… :))

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