Poem #81

You told me that without you I
wouldn’t have a thing to write about.
You told me that thanks to you I
have an army of verses protecting
my heart. You told me that you wrote
these words, my words. Am I supposed to thank you?

No. I used to think I should but no.
This is my curse, this is my blessing
in disguise, these are my words.
You took enough from me, I am not
going to let you have this.

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I would be so angry if someone tried to tell me this. Because while they provide inspiration through the feelings used to write the poetry, they are not my words. My words are me and my emotions. They can’t take credit for who I am. And though I choose to write using their actions as inspiration, it does not make it theirs to claim. That would make me theirs to claim, and clearly that is not the case. My words are my escape from them, my way of breaking free, and by them saying this, they are trying to take away what I am made of-my words. Plus, even if they hadn’t have given me such inspiration, I’d find things to keep writing. My poems would be happier if it weren’t for them ‘giving me something to write about,’ so really, they are the negativity in what could be positive writing. Beautiful poem. I love it.

I was actually pretty young when I discovered my love for writing, like when I was 10 I would write little scripts for “my movies” and stuff like that and then I had this big pause from writing, it lasted for many years but in the end I came back to writing. I have been seriously working on my poetry for the last 5 years and started publishing the poems here about 3 years ago.
Thank you so much for the interest 😊
When did you discover your love for writing?

Only malignant vanity would dare claim the pain they’ve caused as it bleeds out via another person in ink, cracked whispers and tears. Before they could claim credit for these effects, wouldn’t they first have to claim being the causation of the destructive origin…first?
They can lie to themselves all they want, but not they rest of us. : )

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