Poem #85

You claimed to have protected me,
that no harm can come to me as
long as you are by my side and that
you will always have my back.
One thing of those was true – you did
have my back firmly between your
hands as you were holding me like
a human shield.
You used me to protect yourself from
your insecurities and consequences
of your wrong doings. I took so many
bullets for you I lost count of the wounds.

8 thoughts on “Poem #85

  1. I enjoy your blunt approach writes.
    Narcissism is so ugly when its true colors are reveled however once that happens, it further enhances all that unwarranted damage we were never even aware existed as we look dumbfounded and leaking like a human sieve.

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  2. IMO, all writers crave these types of comments, affirmation of our efforts helps erase damage. It would be as inhuman as our former assailants, to not leave you anything. : ))
    Some are unlike you and prefer I remain, silent. SO- with that in mind, thank you for you appreciation. Now, let your ink flow….

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