Poem #91

Before you I didn’t believe in anything.
Love was an empty concept for me.
I didn’t believe someone can become
such a big part of me, even inhabit a piece
of my mind but yet here you are every
day ever since you walked into my life.

I didn’t believe it’s possible to vividly
remember every inch of someone,
to close my eyes and feel the presence
and the warmth of your skin, to feel
your skin underneath my fingertips.

Before you no place and no person
could hold me down but now I carry
a piece of you everywhere I go. I would
love to scratch that piece out with my
fingernails but every time I tried it felt
like I was scratching out a part of me
I wouldn’t be able to live without.
You are always here but I miss you so much.

6 replies on “Poem #91”

Having loved them with every once of our beings, why does the tiniest phantom of them have to pervade so deeply into our lost yesterdays of love and cling so hard to our souls today that even we feel lost in moments of ourselves? Oh, love is such a fickle fight we have no idea if we want to lose or win…. it’s pain.

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