I think I loved you too much

You were priceless
my efforts to win you were relentless
In my eyes you were flawless
You could never make a mistake:
you were just perfect
You were to me, worth every test
I think I loved you too much

Your voice in my ears was like a melody
Every word was like a lyric from my favourite song
Your thoughts shared were like chords that filled my skin pores
It gave me so much ecstasy
I wanted nothing more than to hear you talk all day long
I think I loved you too much

You were the center of my joy
People knew for sure
This one was not like the others; you were no toy
For you, I could give up the stars so bright
What would it hurt after all,
If the world lost just a little light?
I think I loved you too much

I loved you to the point where love was no longer a chore
It rather became my entire being’s core
I needed you more
Than you’d ever need me
That, began my fall
I think I loved you too much
Over exaggeration cost me
The adrenaline so high up in my being
Caused such a blindness
That I failed to see that this
Was too high a pedestal to place a person
No matter the reason
I think I loved you too much

I clearly said,
“Don’t start what you cannot finish”
“This mission will reach its completion”
your dazzling response in words
I should have paid more attention
Maybe, I would have realized
I was just another of those ones
To help while away your time
I think I loved you too much

Maybe I did love you too much
People doubt there’s something as such
But I know you were a good catch
I just did not have that strong a latch
That’s why you ran off with that one
And I didn’t even have the strength for you to fight
I think I loved you too much

I admit I loved you too much
So much that no matter how now it hurts
I numbed myself to feel
But I’m human you see?
The ache, it won’t go away
It would probably last all my days
I just loved you too much

©2017 Naema

My name is Amy and I come from Ghana, West Africa. I wrote my first poem in High School and since then, I have been writing all manner of genres.My blog is www.amynaema.wordpress.com

If you would like to have your work published in The Poetry Bar send your poem, a few words about yourself and the link to your blog to the e-mail poetrybar1@gmail.com


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