Thank you 2018

A few days ago I wrote a post about gratefulness and asked all of you lovely people to write in the comment what you are grateful for in the past year. I thought it would be a nice gesture and a positive way to end this year and start a new one. Also, being grateful benefits our mental health and it creates a positive atmosphere. Here are the comments and e-mails I received:

I am grateful that many of the experiences I’ve had this year are behind me, and I’m in a much better and more peaceful place now
– Myster Hyde


I am grateful for my niece being born into this world 6 months ago and I am grateful for the support from all the wonderful poets on WordPress including Luna.
Casey Jarrell from Mirror Gate


 I’m grateful I’ve made it through another year! Have been in and out of hibernation since returning from little blisters place south of the inkwell hq. Hope you have a wonderful new year


I am grateful that I am alive……
I am also grateful of people around me
Also grateful of God, that He gave me everything in my life that I even never asked for.
I am also grateful of your poetrybar initiative
The only thing I expect from my self next year is hardwork, dedication, determination and discipline. Also will try myself to be more humble, truthful and honest.
May God give you guidance and good health and also hope that you will pray for me as well.
Salman Wani


I’m grateful to still be alive and share it with people like yourself and to write
Poet of the Light


I’m grateful that out of the millions of years the Earth has been alive, I’m a part of a time where thoughts can be shared freely and modern medicine does not include maggots


Having a gratitude attitude and I’m grateful to be breathing. I’m so Happy and grateful to share my feelings.


2018! This is the wonderful year when I discovered My blog is a creative place for my art soul. I am grateful, joyful and I am delighted that I met many interesting people who share and publish poetry, photos, paintings, drawings, motivating lectures and thoughts.
Creative inspiration, happy, successful and peaceful New Year to all authors!
Vasil Georgiev


Something innately is telling me
Not to go out searching, to wait
I still glimpse ever now and then
Faint fragments in my current present
Of a life for me that might’ve been
Had I turned right, instead of left
When facing- that great divergence
Had I known more than I really did
I’m unsure I would’ve even opted
To go another way- in hindsight
Such is the ghost of a maze in life
And not often thought of, simply
Was the chance to backtrack steps
Maybe to a different intersection
Life afford so many, unknowingly
Always believing it is best forwardly
Because everyone else has done so
Never thinking they too had failed
Peregrination’s veil truth’s reality
When the focus is too narrowly seen
Then again maybe we- didn’t change
Our life trajectory that’s yet to hit
Perhaps I would have been found
In a deeper darkness or maybe by love
That came and saved my foolish heart
From all its tragic scaring- and hurt
Maybe you would’ve been, actively
That question answered in kisses
I so vainly searched for in blindness
Where two paths did become- one
Leading us to loves true nectar bliss
And stolen us- from all the worlds
Cold, cruel and ugly divided…silence

Poet of the Light © 2018

I’m simply an American poet and more can be found- Whispers of a poets heart at

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Luna is you,

Luna is me,
Luna’s the white glint
Rolling over
The endless
Blackened sea.

It’s an equinox,
But also
A state of mind.

It’s a tranquil place
Where craterface
No longer
Is a derogatory expression.

Be a
Luna rock,
If you choose.

They’re light
And supple,
Free of
Weighted constraint.

My name is Eric, I’ve been writing seriously for about three years and have only recently gotten addicted to poetry (both writing and reading.). I’m the author of The Dioramist, a mid-twenties coming of age story about a writer who has lost faith in the defining on again/off again relationship of his life.  He struggles finding a balancing point for his passions, work, and love life.  I also have a debut poetry book coming out next week titled Strange Cars in the Night.

The link to my Word Press is:
I am also on Instagram (blankpagesofmine) and Twitter (ekeegs815).

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I can’t

I know I wrote a post about gratefulness and I am still waiting for all of your lovely comments, but today I need to complain a little bit.
In the last 4 days I got sinusitis, I am drinking 3 different kind of pills, one of which is an antibiotic, I feel like I am high and my head is constantly spinning, I have some crazy shifts to work in the next week, I still don’t have my New Years outfit, I am working a double shift on Monday, then going to a New Years Eve party and then I am working the next day and this morning, sorry if this is too much information, I got my period.
If someone out there is stabbing the vodoo doll with my face on it please calm the fuck down, I want to survive this year.

I just had the need to complain because I am in so much pain and under so much medication I am feeling very emotional all the time.

Make sure to write in the comments what have you been grateful for this year because it would really make me happy and also pray for me because my luck is so great I think I could break a leg or something soon.
I can’t.

Let’s be grateful

Lately, with The Poetry Bar and all, I’ve been all about communicating more with you, being more interactive so I came up with another little project for us.

2018 is coming to an end in just a few days. For me it has been a very long year filled with all types of excitement and change, but it was also filled with defeats and pain. I’ve learned a lot this year, met some great people, made some steps forward and I believe that I became stronger when it comes to chasing my own happiness.

What I want you to do now is to reflect on your experiences this year and write in the comments what events, feeling, people etc. are you grateful for this year. Write from 1 to 5 things. Even more if you want! All of your lovely comments will be published in a little gratitude post on my blog and make sure to place links to your blogs in the comments as well.

I believe that gratitude is a feeling we should all nourish because it helps us see the world through different eyes and to progress in life. Gratitude makes us aware of all the gifts we have and makes us feel more present in the world. I think this post will be very beneficial for everyone who writes and reads it.

I can’t wait to read all of your comments. Also, The Poetry Bar is still very much active so make sure to keep sending in your works there. All of the necessary info you can get by clicking here.

Love you all so much!

P.S. All of you are on my list of gratefulness.

Poem #105

You power was to leave me speechless
and I never knew that could happen.
I write about pain and despair, it’s what
keeps my verses flowing but you came
and kissed all those words away.

Is this silence what happiness sounds like?
Winter air, smell of snow in the night,
your arms around me in an empty street.
I guess I need new words to describe this.

Poem #104

You were just good with words, talked your
way out of everything, but with your back
against the wall you crumbled like a scared
child. With me knowing what you did, words
that got you into that mess couldn’t get you out.

It became easy to leave you after I had
realized you weren’t the hero I needed.
I was, all along.