Poem #97

It’s interesting how much you can
write, think, talk, dream and sing
about someone who isn’t even worhty
of being on your mind. People like
that just crawl into your mind and
they are so bad that everything with
them feels right. You convince yourself
that the danger you put your heart in
is where your heart should be.
Love should feel like a high-speed race
but not one that ends in a crash
Jump out of that car and minimize
the damage done to your heart.

14 replies on “Poem #97”

Finally, a long awaited treat of Luna’s flowing quill. I find your flow equivalent to receiving a reward of a fresh French pastry for the minds palette. Oh, and what vicarious sweet tooth I have to degust such poetry. I may not find love but my sugar high runs a close second… ; )

You’re most welcome, Luna. Such a kind to say and in that case, I should help alleviate your withdraws a tad more… ; )

Take me, dip me into the dark broken ink of Luna. Hold me under until my last breathe is but gone and then save me with- the stroke of your pen, only to drown me again and again. Bequeath me the curvature of your hand in motion as you stain me as if I were your parchment, your most dark creation of art, hidden far from the world for only your eyes, your inner craving as your thoughts have your way with me. Do what you will, what you must- steep me in your suffrage at my cost- that I might quench the thirst gone wild of…Luna. ; )

I knew two pastries too many was a naughty indulgent but I restrict all will power to resist such guilty pleasures…

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