Poem #101

I don’t really need you.
I want you and that’s a whole
different kind of curse.

All of them were just sad to be
with after you. I was looking for the
ecstasy you kept me in and all
I found was disappointment.
You wrecked me in a different level.
The problem isn’t forgiving you.
The problem is forgiving myself.

15 replies on “Poem #101”

If the love was an illusion then so to was the efficacy we imagined was ecstasy or so I keep trying to convince myself. But then again I’ve often lied to my heart for the sake of lovers I thought loved me equally after she- broke me down. Oh, listen not to me, I’m still in ruins exacerbated from the last set of lovers to leave me here in my …bitter truth. ; ) My pleasure…

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