Poem #102

Anger. So much anger.
I can’t say it’s eating me up inside
because right now it’s the only
thing inside of this body.

So much anger.
I feel like breaking things, tearing
buildings down, interrupting the course
of time by throwing clocks around.

So much fucking anger.

12 thoughts on “Poem #102

  1. I felt exactly that way one day last week.

    1. I’ve been feeling it lately. It’s horrible.

      1. Yes it is! It’s fucking awful.

  2. Anger makes oneself vulnerable
    But controlling it make oneself stronger

      1. So better to choose the later one for yourself

  3. I can definitely relate

  4. Good music (Snatam Kaur), love heart, a cup of tea and no anger! 😇 Have a nice day!

  5. Is it sad anger or angry anger?

    1. Angry pissed off anger

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