Poem #103

Women like her don’t fall.
They wear their pain with pride, like
bright colors to warn the enemy that
they have been through hell and made it

Women like her can’t be defeated.
Defeat is a lesson and they accept it as well
as they accept a victory. Her level is
above and beyond. She is strong.
She is fierce. Don’t bother trying to
stop her because she knows where
she’s going.

3 thoughts on “Poem #103

  1. Only keen ears and eyes could see who she really is. There between the lines and lies the world wants to read, Oh, but I know better, I can feel it, she is a warrior. As if her surface scars and war paint wasn’t clue enough surly her overwhelming confidence will precede any fools approach. Yes, she is of a kind thunderous heart and selectively permits others to get close enough to hurt her because she braves in the face of danger but don’t be fooled by such goodness. She dares to love- like no other. Wrong her and she may chose to burn the ground you stand on by shear will. She can muster whatever strength is required to pick herself up, move onward, to be triumphant, after all she is…Luna. ; )


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