Poem #107

It’s hard for something to be enough
for her. Not good enough, just enough.

Her spirit is so grand that all of the gifts
and surprises of this world won’t be enough
if you don’t listen to her and don’t open
your eyes wide to see all of the things she
keeps quiet to herself.

There’s a story in every inch of her body.
There’s a tear and a smile in every scar.
She wear everything proudly.
Drop the material, drop the act and be
there when she wants to open up,
show what’s on the inside.

7 replies on “Poem #107”

This world alone will never gift Luna enough when she already possesses and entire universe within herself; a universe she is willing to share when one is willing to be elucidated by all her nuances she desires to revel, so long as you are willing to let her dive within your own hidden world to explore…unadulterated. Come hither Luna, and posses all I am by all you are. ; )

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