Poem #109

The letters of the road signs formed
your name in front of my face. Every
stranger carried your smell. I was looking
for any sign, excuse to contact you again.

Do you know what’s it like to bathe in fear?
The shower is burning hot and it doesn’t stop.
I am not scared of falling back into my old habit
of you. I am scared that after you no one will
be enough, that no one will love me like you.
I still can’t afford to lose you.


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11 thoughts on “Poem #109

  1. This is one of the those moments where doubt comes creeping into your mind like a dark fog unseen, to tease you via whispers and devalue your progress forward and tarnish true value of one self. It’s one of the many deceptive tactics the past uses to steal your self-love for it’s own greedy heart. Using that fake voice of familiarity to cause withdraws of being used like an object all the while claiming it was selfless love on their part.

    Your best course action against such alluring nonsense is to simply shut off that ghostly hot water off asap while in the shower and learn to bathe in the cold reality of your own valued truth. Food for thought, I’m a great back scrubber while ghost are not. 😉

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