Poem #120

You are going to have to have patience with me.
I am used to relationships failing miserably.
Since I was a kid love was the feeling ending in
punishment, pain is all I expect from it.
If you think it’s hard to read this, imagine how hard
it is to live it. I should tell you that I’ll try to run like
I always do but for once, this time I hope I’ll be stopped.
I hope you read that well between the lines.

21 replies on “Poem #120”

When I was young I used to yearn to be stopped and held and kept for safe, etc. I wanted it so bad. But no one was brave or selfless enough, I suppose and I wasn’t articulate enough. Now that I’m older, I’ve learned that I must be accountable to myself, that I am the one looking back at me, holding me, reassuring me. At times of course, I am still vulnerable, but te sting Oh youthful yearning isn’t as bad now that I’m beginning to respect and love me. I am worthy, as we all are. Beautiful offering Luna. Thank you.

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