Poem #121

It’s a long road and you think it’s straight
but your eyes can’t even begin to see the curves
and many turns.
Somewhere along the way you stumble
or stop to take a break. You turn around and
painfully whisper to yourself: “I got lost. Shit, not this again.”
You live trying to break the loop, hoping you’ll
find the breaking point before you reach your own.

12 thoughts on “Poem #121

  1. Love the opening stanza… man, the curves of life are somehow both sharp and grand all at once.

    1. Yes. 🙂 I love the ending too with “before you reach your own.”

  2. This is life with its twists and turns. Well portrayed

  3. You must remember to tell yourself “lost” is evidence of progress otherwise you would recognize your surroundings because you haven’t made any advancement, so don’t be mislead by a fear that seeks to keep you narrowly focused on only it…going nowhere.

    Trust in those who trust in your ability to handle the road like a veteran, after all it isn’t the first time you’ve been out on life’s fringes, so grit your teeth when you can’t smile and know you are not really- alone.

  4. Sounds like my life on Tuesdays… 🤔🙂

  5. A poem that talks about a detour and an unwinding road that wasn’t there.

    I join the voice of your followers: superb.

  6. If only life came with a GPS. “Successful writer.” “Turn left in 500 feet.”

    1. Now, wouldn’t that be great!

      1. Yes, indeed.

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