Poem #121

It’s a long road and you think it’s straight
but your eyes can’t even begin to see the curves
and many turns.
Somewhere along the way you stumble
or stop to take a break. You turn around and
painfully whisper to yourself: “I got lost. Shit, not this again.”
You live trying to break the loop, hoping you’ll
find the breaking point before you reach your own.

12 thoughts on “Poem #121

  1. You must remember to tell yourself “lost” is evidence of progress otherwise you would recognize your surroundings because you haven’t made any advancement, so don’t be mislead by a fear that seeks to keep you narrowly focused on only it…going nowhere.

    Trust in those who trust in your ability to handle the road like a veteran, after all it isn’t the first time you’ve been out on life’s fringes, so grit your teeth when you can’t smile and know you are not really- alone.

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