Poem #122

Oh, the stories we tell ourselves to make
us feel okay, to alleviate the blame.
But under the surface, deep down in the spot
from which your strengths bleed you know
it wasn’t them who didn’t do enough for you.
It was you who didn’t love yourself.
They weren’t trying to knock you down,
you just didn’t know which ladder to climb.
It wasn’t them that made you not good enough
it was your own insecurities that ate you up inside.

And now it’s not them stopping you from moving
past the dead point. It’s your fear of facing
yourself and your mistakes. It was always you.
It’s still you. It will always be you.

9 thoughts on “Poem #122

  1. Beautiful words and quite true.
    Perhaps you would like to correct “latter” to ladder? Hope it’s OK I’m writing this?

    1. Thank you so much for pointing out that mistake. I was writing it on my phone and didn’t even notice
      Thanks again!

  2. That’s true! thanks for sharing and for the poetic reflection!

  3. I’m not so sure I’d be too harsh on…self. I proffer you this question: Should we not be able to trust…someone that respects and returns that trust, in order to really- Love?

    I’ve found my only mistake was inattentively listening to myself at the wrong times. Truth is, I know better, I’ve always known better every time I mislead myself. Every time I over ruled my screaming doubts. I’ve been shattered because I dared to trust my love to those who’ve “chosen” to mistreated it. But for me; the real trouble begins when others speak speciously and my heart unmistakably trust them, because it has to: I expect it to epitomize the love it hopes is returned one day… honestly.

  4. You are right. If we are not accountable to ourselves it is much too easy to shift the blame to other justifications. This life – it is our own life and we are the only ones who are responsible for it. Others can not give us value if we don’t value ourselves.

  5. This is excellent. Very well done.

  6. That’s harsh but true.

  7. I felt this in my soul. Beautiful piece

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