For Mother

i will sit here and not reason
i promise to stay put and not shift
i won’t touch any of your things
i won’t trigger all your dispositions
i won’t pierce your quiet with any of my sounds
i won’t disturb the universe you worked so hard to dispose
i will sit quietly looking down
i will patiently wait for the orange moon
the silver sun
the violet stars
to flux together
i will work very hard to absorb your symbols
i will never cross your lines
i will be good and imperceptible in your pounding darkness
i will answer when you cry

mb was born and raised in urban Los Angeles and is a Gen X’er who chronicles and scrawls about the art form of living in the Angelino metropolitan environment. These offerings were inspired by the mental health crisis in the city. mb personally battles depression and anxiety, but utilizes writing and art to self-regulate. mb works in social services in the hopes of supporting others who endure the same.

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