Poem #169

So much pressure tearing up
your mind now. What should you
do and what’s the next right step
to take? Honey you lost the upper hand.

I’m dealing the cards and your hands
are shaking. I called your bluff when you
went all in with your lies and you lost
not only me but your pride.

You have no aces up your sleeve and
you’re the one playing a losing game now.
I’m not a beginner, I’m not learning – I
became the teacher the harder way.

This isn’t a poker face you see, this is me.
You made this. My coldness is your work
of art and I really hope you’re proud for
making me this numb.

I lost every game with you but I’ll win
this one and then we are done. Show your
cards now, I’m not scared. I’m playing with
a straight flush.

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