Poem #190

They told me my place was under
the bed because that’s where monsters hide.
And what are you going to do when
I accept that role and crawl from under
to come after you?

You tried to demonize my name.
Told me that even my smile is nothing but a sin.
Why are you trying to make me feel ashamed?
Is it because you’re exposing my faults
just to hide your insecurities?

I dare you to call me a monster one more time.
Just provoke me, give me a reason to crawl
from under that bed and kick open your
closet to show you all the skeletons you’ve
been so carefully hiding.

25 replies on “Poem #190”

Is it because you’re exposing my faults, just to hide your insecurities, I love this Luna…….., I think some people are just caught up in a much deeper darkness that they can’t even realise and would only mask it up by exposing the faults of others.

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