Color your Dreams

The way of love…
How often will you allow memories of me to color your dreams?
I want to be in your thoughts everyday because you are always in mine
I know that dead or alive, near or far
You will always be in my heart
Paint your life a fantasy of different shades!
When awake or asleep
While dreaming
The secrets of my passion shall be revealed unto you…
Such sweet incense of love
The flames rising from earth to transcend beyond Avalon…
Where rainbows are a million trellis of colors…
Where beauty is a right and the flowers forever in bloom…
Where peace abounds…
Where life is free!!
Tell me what I want to hear…
Sing the song that gives me pleasure…
Let me take you to where dreams are realities…
Where the brush will fit in your hands!!!
Now is the time
The waiting is over for me
Such long moments of expectations
I must have my price, my quarry
For you
It is a dawn of new treasures to gather
When all imagined joys shall be yours…
Such ripples of varying sensations
A Paradise for the privileged…
Was it not love that deemed you worthy of itself?

Hi, I’m Jerry Peri, I live in Kaltungo, Nigeria, I’m a subsistence farmer, a poet/author and I blog @

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5 thoughts on “Color your Dreams

  1. What a pleasant and thought-provoking poem! Loved it.

  2. Well written. More power to your pen!

  3. Absolutely stunning

  4. I’m loving this!!

  5. Beautifully descriptive and imaginative! 🙂

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