Poem #206

Suddenly we were strangers. Like there was
a wall through which we couldn’t see each other anymore
and once, not so long ago we would spend endless hours
talking about things we don’t remember now.

It’s like all of the good disappeared as if taken from the
surface by a strong wave that suffocated both of us and
in order to live we had to swim in opposite directions.

Not a single glance, not a single smile when we pass
each other in the street, as if there wasn’t a bond
so strong holding us together, as if we didn’t don’t what’s
it like to hold each other tight. Suddenly we were strangers.

13 thoughts on “Poem #206

  1. I always wonder how long that takes for other people. They first purposely walk by without acknowledgement. Then, after a while, they notice but that’s it.
    At what point does it reach not even recognizing someone that was something at some point?
    I always wonder if they do and just are choosing not to, because I don’t think I’ve ever been able to not remember someone or notice them.
    Or maybe that’s a scar that’s left only on the side that lost.

    Anyways, rambling, lovely poem.

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