Trenchcoat futility

Today I put on my trench coat
full of desires of a different day
I tuck my magnifying glass into my pocket
and I am a bloodhound,
hunting the air
for your scent
of poetry, vinyl and paint
And hints of smoke and mirrors.

I pad softly behind you,
full of delusions and confusions
I’m pretending you have left me clues
 on purpose,
I investigate
Spreadsheets, maps, sign-posts,
dictionaries and music stores.
I tally up equations with my spell check
And look up close
with my magnifying glass

I hear an echo of a song
Full of excitement,
I tell myself it’s you
And I am a greyhound
I run after you,
feeling the wind rush past my ears
and the tears fall in my doe eyes
Even with my streamlined grace
you still outrun me
Finally, I realise
You do not want to be found

I am chasing my own tale
narrated in my own voice

I take off my trench coat

I write from the corner of the world and from the corners of my mind.
I’m Rachel, it was in my mind and now it’s out.

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