Poem #217

I always have to stay up late
when I need to write.
The night is dark, mysterious and
intimidating just like my demons
so when the sun isn’t out they
come out and play a game of
words with my hands.

9 thoughts on “Poem #217

  1. Ah, resonating.

  2. Most of the ideas that come to my head always appear after midnight or just when I’m about to sleep

  3. Totally agreed. Poetry cannot be written in broad daylight. Twilight will do for a first draft. By midnight I’m warmed up but if it’s not finished before dawn, it just turns out too hopeful and that doesn’t do anybody any good.

  4. My poems appears only on daylight. 🌞 That’s so wonderful to sleep at night.

  5. I’m a Night Writer too. 🙂

  6. Absolutely. 🙂

  7. I can definitely relate to this!
    Night is the best time to write.

  8. Evening and late night is when I tend to write the most

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