Poem #227

I would rather miss you than make you mine
because if I do maybe you won’t want me back.
I would rather miss what was never mine,
believe in this memories created only in my mind.
I would rather miss who I never had than find out
if you would want me by your side or not.

9 thoughts on “Poem #227

  1. Ah to miss…it is to know and to forget to not know. Love it.

  2. Impressive!

      1. pleasure Ma’am!

  3. Very warm poetic words!
    Mind and heart must be together in love!

  4. can turn it into a song !

    1. We can sing about toast…ask Primus. This is us.

    2. I know right. This is so beautiful and I can imagine singing it.

  5. I love it ! Wonderful ! You put down in words, what I feel !

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