The rainbow

Whenever I view the rainbow,
Glinting throughout the sky,
I can’t help but to think about you,
And your multiple indentities.
Because the rainbow is multicolored.
And reflects the visible spectrum.
Your personalities reflect these colors,
Because theirs so many to choose from.
One day your as beautiful as the blue sky.
The next,
As bright as the yellow sun.
Some days,
You make me feel like royalty,
Such as African purple.
Then you can be angry,
As crimson red.
Becoming cold and gray.
Sometimes your heart is black,
Which makes me turn around and walk away.
Some days you’re innocent.
Or as pure as fresh snow.
Sometimes you’re vibrant green,
Some days you seem stuck in between.
Like an orange sky under twilight.
You’re as colorful as a rainbow,

That appears as soon as the storm passes…

Hello. My name is Will Hall. 38 years old. I have been a poet for over twenty years. I love writing Because it’s a form of therapy. My blog is


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3 thoughts on “The rainbow

  1. As brilliant as a rainbow spashed across the sky! Really lovely 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on “The Church of poetry”: A collection of poetry by Will Hall and commented:
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  3. What a wonderful piece! I love the colors, I love the imagery.

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