We, You, I (A Rap Song)

We, You, I (A Rap Song)
“I ain’t gonna be nothing,
Cos it seem like f’ever I’ve been longing.”
Tears in the eyes, phlegm in the nose,
Skin so sore, malady of the toes.
Helter-skelter, yet, nothing to show for,
Studied chemistry and physics what have I got?
I’ve got nothing, but walking,
Turning like a wheel, with no Boris,
Fishing and hunting, yet no prey,
A thousand padlocks and just two keys.
Governments say what they won’t do,
Making us seem as big fools,
Manifestoes, flap-doodles;
Serving trimmed rubbers as noodles.
“Eat, eat, eat” they bade us,
Proud to champion course unjust.
Queen of shits, Lord of tongues,
Sharpened bolox, Seasoned guts.
Now they stand as the saviours,
Voice so high, dreading as thunder.
More they speak, more they hunger,
Nourished with lies, growing fatter.
What do we do, what are should?
‘nough of savagery, ‘nough being fooled.
Hey hey hey I’m talkin’ you.
You you you you you you you.
Y’all wake up, wake from slumber,
‘Nough of dearth, ‘nough of hunger.
We goan be sleepers death after,
Now eyes are open, why the scar?
If its dirt they’re tissue papers,
Come for bucks, here is a dollar,
Buy the one which is cleaner,
Use it on your eyes and see clearer.
You should now see, yea better,
Humans like you claiming beggars.
Those then begging, now are loiters,
Those then loitering, now are robbers,
Those then robbing, now are killers,
Those then killing, now are prisoners,
Those then in prison, met their demise.
And on and on, Same thin’ O’er and O’er.
And we live on in myopia,
Till perhaps come the rapture.
Now we need revolution,
Bundle up and throw out corruption.
Right in our palm is solution,
But we’ve been feared by confusion.
Change prior to conviction,
Let’s agitate for lib’ration,
Kill who should die as oblation ;
Those who’re swimming in corruption.
For e’ery bribe they get commission,
E’en loot their congregation,
Loaning ’em to indecision.
Spare no seed of transgression.
Even the bible make no exception ;
The book of proverbs even in extension,
In chapter six verse eighteen makes a correction:
Only the death of the innocent is a transgression,
But of the wicked? Sure purification.
The first two lines would come no more,
If we do what is right as we ought.
Ancestor. Ancestral Pen. We, You, I.


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6 thoughts on “We, You, I (A Rap Song)

  1. Such a beautiful piece 🌼

    1. Awwnnn… Thanks

  2. Simply amazing and sizzling the drizzling of coherent thought squeezed that make readers wheezed. Empathy of me without sympathy in social conscious work, by talent and wit beyond capture, what rapture. Thanks.

    1. Really… I could go all pink.. The comment makes me feel mushy.

    1. Thank you so much.

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