Is it Okay?

Is it okay,
to work hard, sacrificing all your blood, sweat and tears to be the best that you can be
till you find out that that was the last thing anyone was concerned about?
Is it okay,
to swallow every bit of anger and pain you feel
while your friends find joy in making you roil, knowing you will not speak of it because…why would you do that to your friend?
Is it okay,
to be forced not to do a simple act of servitude and worship to the One and Only,
because you’re branded “naive”, “dumb” or “extremist”
Is it okay,
to hide behind veils of status and wealth for protection,
because, of course, in that case, you can always get away with blaming the victim?
Is it okay,
to make friends with the rats that chew away your clothes bit by bit,
because, like you, they need to build their homes again from the foundations of despair?
Is it okay,
to steal someone else’s right to the truth,
because only liars can reach to the sky?
But then, what else do you tell a little boy, drifting in a tiny boat with other frightened people across the wild ocean,
“Everything will be ok?” “I’ll get you a toy when we reach the shore?”
Does one desire, then, to commit a sin so precious it hurts?
Is it okay?
to stab your child’s heart and snatch your child’s sanity,
while you bask in the glory of the fulfillment extreme expression of anger
….and making sure you tape your child’s eyes open
Is it okay?
to burn dreams, hopes, aspirations, revolutions, ideas into ashes?
if that’s so, you forgot the bodies hanging on the noose and the blood
stained razors and knives
Is it okay?
to not give a second glance, a gentle laugh, a wide smile or even a smirk to
your loved ones
yet see your reflection on their faces and push them even further away?
Is it okay?
to promote yourself as The Grim Reaper,
because someone else’s skin tone, sexuality or fashion sense made you cringe a bit?
Is it okay?
to put yourself high among the clouds with your knowledge and stature,
while you stamp on those ants who are still learning how to climb a ladder?
Is it okay?
to shout out every curse word your anger fuels,
while others are in awe of what devils the tongue had hidden in store for
Is it okay?
to wallow in the deepest voids of emptiness in search of the light,
while you consider your depression or anxiety as your “sweet, lying” friend,
guiding you through the rabbit hole, wondering why nothing will ever be…..okay
Is it okay?
Is it?
I’ve heard of dungeons, rabbit holes and hells like this,
where those who see the light through the dark clouds walk on the land like
and others shoo them off or gaze at them with wonder
But I’m curious to know,
in what world
is all of this considered okay?
What a world would that be……………..

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

My name is Andale Seaworne. I’m a regular 20 year old Muslim Pakistani girl navigating through life, sharing knowledge and opinion related to different topics in life from basic moral values with relevance to Islamic teachings to travelling, books, food, personal experiences, observations, interpretations and anything that comes to my mind.


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4 thoughts on “Is it Okay?

  1. Bravo.That was heavy and very engaging.

    1. Thank you so much!! 😁

  2. Is it ok to relate with you at a level so deep that the words you write dissolve into a frequency that I’ve uttered before?
    Attempts at sharing have​ left people begging you through their faces to keep your library of thoughts stored.

    I loved this too much to not respond.

  3. Thank you! That means alot to me!
    My library of thoughts is locked and protected & only some books are open to people, & not all of them gets the read the same book and no one has wondered about what else the library contains

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