Stained Glass Window

When you first discovered me
i was hidden in the corner
Covered in dirt and grime and dust
and years of neglect
But somehow you spotted
the only bright spot
that allowed
a sliver of sun 
to shine through
So with your extra care and patience
You shined me up
Paying close attention
To all the parts and pieces
big and small
until I was 
Brilliant and Beautiful again
and now that my colors 
Dance and Glow
you look right through me

I’m Stacy, and although I don’t write poetry very often, I do frequently blog about mental health at Quirky, Confused, & Curvy. I’ve also self-published two novels and am hard at work on two more, which I hope to publish traditionally, along with some creative non-fiction. When I’m not writing or reading, I’m probably watching Penguins hockey or (thinking about) traveling.


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2 thoughts on “Stained Glass Window

  1. Heartwarming 🌼

  2. Ever since our first encounter you have risen as I have foreseen and will continue to do so.

    Like Disney’s Fantasia, I can spot stars easily while pointing them out.

    Every nation deserves their own version of Hollywood which requires people from those nations to become stars in and from those nations in order to represent themselves more through global artistic expression and being.

    Individual people are easier to understand when we can see what’s going on type of thing, “sonar”.

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