Poem #237

I have been staring at this piece of paper forever.
I can’t pick up the pen and write a single line.
Maybe I’ve lost my way with words.
Maybe I just lost my feelings for you.
Maybe you left my system after all those years
of writing only about my memories of you.


7 thoughts on “Poem #237

  1. Maybe you’re right, and its time to go make new memories and love to write about…fluently?

    I’m rhetorical if not invited! ; )

  2. Na, I don’t believe that for a moment – and neither should you.
    Put down the pen and do something else instead for a while, go outside and collect some new memories.
    Onwards, magpie! xx

  3. Watch a bunch of movies/shows, read lots of books and listen to lots of music.

    Plenty of artificial and yet relatable memories to choose from there.

    It works for me.

  4. Makes sense tbh, but something new always comes

  5. “Maybe I’ve lost my way with words” truly captures exactly how I have felt at times. Overcoming writer’s block is not easy, but I find that switching my routine helps a lot. I went to a salsa class (I am not a good dancer), but it made me laugh. I went to a comedy club (the comedians didn’t make me laugh). New situations give me ideas for stories, poems, etc. I joined Ancestry.com and met a bunch of people I didn’t even know I was supposed to know. Good grief, I could write several novels about these kinfolk of mine. Keep writing and explore different places that can inspire you!

    1. Thanks for the advice! 😀

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