Poem #237

I have been staring at this piece of paper forever.
I can’t pick up the pen and write a single line.
Maybe I’ve lost my way with words.
Maybe I just lost my feelings for you.
Maybe you left my system after all those years
of writing only about my memories of you.


7 thoughts on “Poem #237

  1. Na, I don’t believe that for a moment – and neither should you.
    Put down the pen and do something else instead for a while, go outside and collect some new memories.
    Onwards, magpie! xx


  2. “Maybe I’ve lost my way with words” truly captures exactly how I have felt at times. Overcoming writer’s block is not easy, but I find that switching my routine helps a lot. I went to a salsa class (I am not a good dancer), but it made me laugh. I went to a comedy club (the comedians didn’t make me laugh). New situations give me ideas for stories, poems, etc. I joined Ancestry.com and met a bunch of people I didn’t even know I was supposed to know. Good grief, I could write several novels about these kinfolk of mine. Keep writing and explore different places that can inspire you!

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