Poem #240

And so we decide it’s better to be alone
than to be hurt.
After years of experience we believe
it’s best to kill what makes us human
than to let it kill us.
So we fight during the day and surrender
to regret during the night because fear
never filled empty spaces, it just made
them larger.

10 thoughts on “Poem #240

  1. Excellent writing and so true. As the old song goes, Hello darkness, my old friend…

  2. Such perfectly written and graceful sentiments

  3. I like this poem luna

  4. Lovely poem. Not easy but nicely penned

  5. This is so relatable

  6. This is true though

  7. When you can be alone with something, you’ve won over it.

  8. a fascinating insight to the way some relationships can become or go through a phase as.

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