Poem #253

I know you’re scared but let me show you the way.
I have done this more than once, trust every word I say.
You need to fake it in public, so they do not ask questions.
Behind closed doors you can sink your face into my shirt
but don’t call, don’t text, don’t deepen the wound.

The wound will heal, there will only be a scar.
You will step out of my dark into her light.
I will find another, promise myself it will last
only to wake up with a bitter taste in my mouth
reminding me that love wasn’t made for everyone.

I will proceed to show him the steps of this hobby of mine,
this hobby I turned into my craft,
this art of being good at saying goodbye.
All of you will be happy in life and
made eternal in the poetry I write.

Written by: Luna


8 thoughts on “Poem #253

  1. I hope you won’t always have to say goodbye.

  2. Such a beautiful manifestation of emotion.

  3. Beautifully poignant

      1. You’re very welcome!

  4. What’s sweet good bye!

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