Poem #261

I recognized you in a crowd of people.
I felt your presence on that street during rush hour.
Without a sound, without a warning
memories creeped up on my mind.
I turned my head in your direction and whispered
to myself “I once loved that man”.

6 thoughts on “Poem #261

  1. It is heartbreaking and at the same time courageous to take a step forward in the guy’s direction.

  2. Once is too much to bare. I’d rather be spontaneous and look for a fair maiden and make her a goddess out of her. See if she can be mine or any other girl who wants it all after.

  3. I like this. I can see it in my mind.

  4. That’s so sad, I’m sure there are many out there that will know this so well. Beautifully written though.

  5. This made me tear up.

  6. seeing a spirit unaware

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