Teardrops are a waterfall

Every teardrop is a waterfall,
That’s the way it’s always been
Me falling and being hurt time and time again
Chasing false realities
Living in daydreams
Unfair it all seem
But really it was me
Lying to myself
Holding back from the good ones
While wasting time loving all the bad
Telling myself this is my duty
Please others while hurting myself
Every teardrop was a waterfall
It was all bad
But now every teardrop will be no longer from sadness
Forgetting all my pain and leaving the past wear it lay
This point forth I will not suffer from the things that once held me down
I will break free from it
Finally living in reality, I will allow myself to be happy


My name Justice, but I go by Jay LotusFlower. I write poems as a hobby and have a spiritual blog on WordPress. I simply am just trying to spread motivation and help raise awareness.



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1 thought on “Teardrops are a waterfall

  1. Love this!! And it reminded me of the song “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall” by Coldplay. 💜

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