Poem #266

I have a tendency to pick up broken things and try
to mend them back together. I’m prone to working
under pressure, loving under pain and smiling
under the rain falling from my own eyes. You were
going to be the death of me, that’s probably why I
still want you this bad.

9 thoughts on “Poem #266

  1. Mehn, sometimes you just can’t change that aspect

    1. No you can’t and it makes life so hard sometimes

      1. Well some people are wired for easy to be boring

  2. Wow! Another great poem. Sad, but so well done. I so hope these are not autobiographical. You seem too nice to have gone through such hell as you have described in a few of these poems.

    1. I’ve been through it and if I could change the past, I wouldn’t. Love as well as heartbreak are both a part of life and a source of inspiration when it comes to poetry 😊

      1. I love your positive outlook, and you are right about the inspiration. Thanks!

  3. I want to like this, but I don’t want to relate to this lol

    1. I understand 😂

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