Poem #267

I don’t need all of your tomorrows.
I don’t need your promises and I don’t
need you to paint my sky blue when it’s gray.
I don’t need our vision of the future and
I don’t need you to tell me you’ll be mine.
I don’t need you to love me.

I need to live on the start. The days when
everything is perfect and that tingling sensation
is rushing down my body every time we touch.
Just keep me on that start, keep that
feeling of having the world at our feet in my heart.

Let’s just stay on the start. Keep the innocence
safe between these walls, don’t let the world in,
don’t let the obstacles stand between. Let’s just not
move from the start. Keep this feeling alive, keep
us alive.

3 thoughts on “Poem #267

  1. It’s beautiful ❤

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