Poem #268

I want the best for you. I want the days to
be sunny when you need them to and I want it
to rain hard when you want to hide under the
blankets even though I’m not there to keep you
warm. Even though there are other hands feeling
you heartbeats before you go to sleep.

I didn’t give up trying to fix us because you left me. I gave
up because I forgot how to be myself while loving you.
I didn’t hold on for so long because I wanted you back. I held
on because you weren’t a Band-Aid I could just rip off.
I gave you so much of me and took so much of you that
you became a part of me and it was hard to feel whole again.

Honey, you can drag through your bed as many women as
you want but they won’t make you love yourself. They will just
be a temporary cure for your eternal illness.
You shouldn’t feel special if next to me you had five of
them on hold. You should ask yourself what’s wrong with you
if you need a line of women to make you feel like a man.

Honey, seek help while you’re young but please, oh please
don’t come looking for it in my arms again. Even though, I
wish you the best, you are drowning and I can’t be
your life vest.  It’s time for me to give myself the love I’ve
been giving you for too long. Honey, take care.

9 thoughts on “Poem #268

  1. Wow! Very touching. I this is not something you personally endured.

    1. I’ve been through this once, experience makes poetry great 😊

      1. Oh my. Very true, but I am sorry for pain. Thanks, Luna, and have a wonderful New Year.

      2. Thank you, have a great year!

  2. A painfully beautiful poem. <3 Everyone needs to find their own life vest within themselves, and that can be a hard lesson to learn, which some people never do. The genders could also be swapped and still hold true.

    1. I agree! And thank you for the comment 😊

  3. I am sad to say I recognise fragments of myself here.
    Potent writing.

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