Poem #302

I’m reaching for you but you’re slipping
from my hands. I’m holding on to you
but like I’m holding on to air. This abrupt
halt we’ve reached has put an end to
everything. The fight we lead is going
nowhere fast.

We’re still not giving up because we can’t break
the habit of having each other around. Is it
the fear of loneliness or change that’s stopping
us both from realizing we’re on the wrong track?

Are we able to unclench our fists and put ourselves
out there or will we keep leading the life we have?
It’s hard to admit goodbye is near but this downward
spiral will eventually leave us as enemies. You know
we need to give up this Sisyphus job before we end
up turning our heads away from each other.

Just let go, walk out the door before the sun comes up.
Don’t wake me up because I don’t want to hear the
doors shut. I’ll understand, I’ll regret but at least
we won’t be living a lie that is this, let’s call it love, we have.

It’s not the same, there’s no thrill. It’s not the same between
you and me. It’s not the same, no sparks flying in the air.
It’s not the same when love becomes an excuse not to
sleep in an empty bed.

Admit that our love is a Sisyphus work and just go, don’t
think just walk. I’ll hold this rock before it runs over both
of us and turns us into dust. Just go but remember us for
what we used to be and not for what we’ve become.

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