And I fell out of love

No one stays in love forever, they say
When years are countless and there is nothing else
Familiarity and routine, no more surprises
Voice in your head screaming
I want to get out of here!

For a time you will feel sorry
for yourself and for things
as they are
It has fed your curiosity
You rethink and there is nothing more to see

I might have fallen a few times out of love
But this one is so special
They say, as you get older
Love strikes a little harder
I guess this is what they mean
I love with a heart so old
It has gotten cold
I love with a weary heart
Now I want a new start

My heart has fallen down my feet
Rusty and dusty
It cannot greet a new day
When all else fails
as the heartbeat that signifies new life
Do things that normal beings do
Eat, bathe, sleep, touch the ground.
You may feel stuck where you are
But the earth is moving
It is definitely taking you somewhere.

Esmeralda Balita is living paradox.



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