I have loved and Heaven knows it

 have loved and heaven knows it
Heaven knows I have loved the way I know how
In every form and every bit
Of everything I am and everything I have
I have loved because and despite
And for no reason, loved for all season
I have loved without knowing
How to do it without faking
without taking without trying without saying
I have loved whatever they’re saying
I have loved you, just you
This way I never knew
I do not care if you ever knew
I have loved —
you and heaven knows it.
I have loved as any person on earth have.
Not knowing what’s above.
And if ever I have nothing good to say at heaven’s gate —
I have loved. And was in heaven and hell at the same time.

Esmeralda Balita is living paradox.

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6 thoughts on “I have loved and Heaven knows it

  1. “And if ever I have nothing good to say at heaven’s gate —
    I have loved.” Love.

  2. Great post ! 🙂

  3. Beautiful. <3

  4. I love everything about this poem, how the lines break up, the way it sounds, the momentum

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